Electronic Measuring Instruments


Oi Electric has been producing measuring instruments mainly for field maintenance use in its pursuit to achieve a wide range of capabilities and great ease of handling through unique technologies.



920MHz帯域用エアテスタ WT-920 フィールドテスト Part1


920MHz帯域用エアテスタ WT-920 フィールドテスト Part2

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Product Information
Model Name :

A level variation recorder capable of recording voltage variations on the same time axis as when recording signal level variations.

By simultaneously recording the level meter input 2 channels and the voltmeter input 2 channels, it is effective for failure analysis of communication lines. Diverse trigger function does not overlook the cause of failure.

Model Name :

This is an analog-meter-equipped level meter that can perform level measurement in a frequency range of 40 Hz to 160 kHz.
The analog meter can be very useful when the level of a measured object fluctuates significantly.

Model Name :

This is a selective level meter that can measure the overall transmission characteristics of a variety of carrier telephone equipment and communication devices over a wide frequency band.
Collectively integrating the level meter unit and filters switchable for measurement, SPM-40 demonstrates its strong capabilities to measure the levels of signals at any frequency.

Model Name :

This is an instrument used to perform the high speed sampling of sensitivity output data received from radio equipment or measuring receivers, and record such data as well as the measured equipment's position information provided by GPS, or play back and display the recorded data.
Measured receiving sensitivity data files can be processed by map information software on PCs, allowing users to check the condition of radio waves received by measured devices.

Model Name :

This device is a hand-held type bit error rate tester developed to achieve rapid bit error rate measurement and circuit opening testing for various types of digital data communication devices and transmission lines, and is compatible with various interfaces, test codes, and communication speeds.

Model Name :

This is a measuring instrument for evaluating the overall transmission characteristics of a variety of carrier telephone equipment and communication devices (successor of the MS-301 measuring instrument for transmission characteristics).

Model Name :

This device is a variable resistor attenuator with a maximum attenuation of 61 dB when operated in the frequency band of DC to 3 MHz (DC to 200 kHz when Z = 600 Ω).

Model Name :

This is a circuit inspection tester for testing the circuit connection and transmission quality of general subscriber lines and OD trunk lines (compliant with the SR system 4-wire and E&M type V).

Model Name :

This is a line tester best suited for the circuit opening testing of VoIP gateways, including for the “Hikari Denwa” service.
DNT-302B has been newly launched as a successor to ISDN Line Tester DNT-302.
It has made caller ID display possible when a call is received.

Model Name :

This instrument is used to maintain ISDN lines in communication equipment and analyze their failures.
It can analyze a maximum of eight lines, including the line switching procedures of BRI and PRI lines, as well as record audio signal packets in such lines for an extended period.