Measuring Instruments for transmission characteristics


Oi Electric has been producing measuring instruments mainly for field maintenance use in its pursuit of a wide range of capabilities and great ease of handling through unique technologies.


POINT (1) Developing wide-ranging types of measuring instruments
We develop and provide a wide range of measuring instruments, which cover applications for telephones and facsimiles, digital communication devices that make full use of advanced technologies, and wireless related devices.

POINT (2) Contributing to customers through capabilities to support various communication lines
We provide measuring instruments applicable to various communication lines, such as VoIP networks, public networks, high-speed digital leased lines, and 3.4 kHz-band leased lines.

POINT (3) Providing easy-to use product shapes and functions
We provide measuring instruments designed in thorough consideration of on-site workers' operability, including mainly hand-held type measuring instruments with enhanced usability.

Model Name :

A level variation recorder capable of recording voltage variations on the same time axis as when recording signal level variations.

By simultaneously recording the level meter input 2 channels and the voltmeter input 2 channels, it is effective for failure analysis of communication lines. Diverse trigger function does not overlook the cause of failure.

Model Name :

This is a measuring instrument that can visualize the noise level in metal lines when replacing core wires as a tool to prevent noise-induced failures.
When a metal line failure is repaired, extremely low level noise can be measured, even though it cannot be identified through line testing using a circuit inspection tester and line test handset.

Model Name :

This is an analog-meter-equipped level meter that can perform level measurement in a frequency range of 40 Hz to 160 kHz.
The analog meter can be very useful when the level of a measured object fluctuates significantly.

Model Name :

This is a measuring instrument for evaluating the overall transmission characteristics of a variety of carrier telephone equipment and communication devices (successor of the MS-301 measuring instrument for transmission characteristics).

Model Name :

This device is a variable resistor attenuator with a maximum attenuation of 61 dB when operated in the frequency band of DC to 3 MHz (DC to 200 kHz when Z = 600 Ω).