Wireless related measuring instruments


Oi Electric has been producing measuring instruments loaded with advantageous features by employing its unique technology.


POINT (1) Developing wide-ranging types of measuring instruments
We develop and provide a wide range of measuring instruments, which cover applications for telephones and facsimiles, digital communication devices that make full use of advanced technologies, and wireless related devices.

POINT (2) Contributing to customers through capabilities to support various communication lines
We provide measuring instruments applicable to various communication lines, such as VoIP networks, public networks, high-speed digital leased lines, and 3.4 kHz-band leased lines.

POINT (3) Providing easy-to use product shapes and functions
We provide measuring instruments designed in thorough consideration of on-site workers' operability, including mainly hand-held type measuring instruments with enhanced usability.

Model Name :

This is an instrument used to perform the high speed sampling of sensitivity output data received from radio equipment or measuring receivers, and record such data as well as the measured equipment's position information provided by GPS, or play back and display the recorded data.
Measured receiving sensitivity data files can be processed by map information software on PCs, allowing users to check the condition of radio waves received by measured devices.