Contact information transmission equipment


Through our advanced technologies, reliable systems, and flexible ability to make proposals, we can achieve monitoring and control networks to meet current demands.

We provide a variety of components that support the improved efficiency of system development work by integrating our technologies and know-how that we accumulated over many years of various system development as a system development professional.

We will achieve non-stop solutions through our consistent proposals and maintenance operation system.


POINT (1) The equipment can support a wide range of system construction
Applicable to systems with excellent features including high reliability, robustness, and integration.

Further, a variety of basic technologies are systematized and provided to customers.

POINT (2) Supports small- to large-scale systems
Diverse equipment and interfaces are provided to flexibly support small- to large-scale systems.

POINT (3) Excellent user interfaces
We always develop products with high usability in consideration of operability, visibility, etc.

Model Name :
OST-716BIV (IP type)

This equipment can transmit contact information through transmission lines using IP lines.
Extending slave devices to it allows the addition of contacts (DI, DO).
Further, this equipment supports the SNMP protocol, allowing a PC-based SNMP manager to monitor and control contact information.

Model Name :
OST-716BIV (Optical/Metal type)

This equipment transmits contact information through optical fiber and metal cable transmission lines.
OST-716BIV  is the successor to OST-716BIII, and both can be interchangeably connected to each other.
(Please refer to the configuration example. OST-716BⅣ cannot be interchangeably connected with OST-716BII.)