Transmission and Monitoring Devices


We provide products that make use of advanced transmission technologies such as WDM, SDH, transport device, and converters, as well as products that can monitor facility information such as contact information and analog information, and support the construction of networks demanded by the times.

OTN Platfrom
Optical transmission equipment
Contact information transmission equipment
Product Information
Model Name :

The OTN (Optical Transport Network) platform system is optical network equipment can be flexibly configured to provide a variety of services.

Model Name :

This equipment is to perform media conversion from LAN signals (10Base-T/100Base-Tx) through twisted pair cables to LAN signals (100Base-Fx) through optical fibers.
This equipment lineup includes mid- (approx. 20 km) to long-distance (approx. 40 km) type products driving 1-core and 2-core bidirectional lines respectively, allowing users to build a system according to their requirements for optical transmission distances and the number of optical fiber cores.

Model Name :
OST-716BIV (IP type)

This equipment can transmit contact information through transmission lines using IP lines.
Extending slave devices to it allows the addition of contacts (DI, DO).
Further, this equipment supports the SNMP protocol, allowing a PC-based SNMP manager to monitor and control contact information.

Model Name :
OST-716BIV (Optical/Metal type)

This equipment transmits contact information through optical fiber and metal cable transmission lines.
OST-716BIV  is the successor to OST-716BIII, and both can be interchangeably connected to each other.
(Please refer to the configuration example. OST-716BⅣ cannot be interchangeably connected with OST-716BII.)