Circuit Emulation Service (CES)-TA Equipment/Clock Transmission Equipment

Circuit Emulation Service (CES)-TA Equipment converts data compliant with JT-I430-a or JT-I431-a to 10BASE-T (IEEE802.3)/100BASE-TX (IEEE802.3u)/optical interface data and transmits the converted data.
This CES-TA equipment functions as a slave to the ODN-512 clock transmission equipment based on the TDM over IP technology through private or wide-area Ethernet networks, configuring systems based on a point-to-point connection basis.

Equipment Category
Network devices
Connection configuration
Point-to-point (1:1)
Transmission line IF
Terminal side IF
Transmission line IF
Terminal side IF
1.5 M electrical interface (JT-I.431-a)
Power supply
100V AC,
-48V DC (for ODN-512 only)

High-speed digital leased line services can be replaced without changing user interfaces.

The CES-TA equipment absorbs delay fluctuations of received clock packets and regenerates synchronous clocks with suppressed jitter, achieving the synchronization of networks.

The CES-TA equipment has a built-in optical interface, facilitating the control and maintenance of networks.

Maintenance: TS-1000 and EtherOAM (IEEE802.1ag/ITU-T Y.1371) compliant

The loop back testing of the CES-TA equipment can be achieved by sending loop test settings from the clock transmission equipment.

Configuration example


Main Specifications

ODN-338 CES-TA Equipment
Item Specifications
WAN interface Ethernet: 1 port for 10BASE-T/100BASE-TX; Connector: RJ-45
OPT: 100BASE-FX: 1 port for an SM fiber (1-core bidirectional) with SC connectors
Terminal interface I430-a: 1 port; I431-a: 1 port
Data packet Communication configuration: UDP
Delay fluctuation absorption buffer 0.5 ms to 10 ms in 1-ms steps (for 1 ms or longer)
IP address Static setting (through the CLI or Web)
Monitoring and control function Setting, monitoring, and control through the CLI or Web, or monitoring and control through SNMP
R-INH function Available when an optical interface is built in
Clock slave synchronization Dependent on clock transmission equipment (N/E) or a line/free-running clock
Clock accuracy I430-a:±100ppm I431-a:±32ppm
Jitter I430-a: JT-I430-a compliant; I431-a: JT-I431-a and ITU-T G.825 compliant
VCCI Class A
Power input/power dissipation 100 V AC±10%/15 W or lower (with a built-in OPT interface)
ODN-512 Clock Transmission Equipment
Item Specifications
Clock input 64 kHz + 8 kHz composite bipolar signal: 1 port for connecting a 9-pin D-SUB connector
WAN interface 10BASE-T/100BASE-TX: 1 port; Connector: RJ-45
When CLK input is cut off AIS packet transmission
CLK packet Transmission timing: 8 ms cycle
Packet size: 88 bytes
Used band: 88 kbps (1 unicast)
Communication configuration: Unicast/multicast
Control interface 10/100BASE-TX: 1 port
Monitoring and control Setting, monitoring, and control through the CLI or Web, or monitoring and control through SNMP
Alarm contact output 2a type contact information output by batch
VCCI Class A
Power input/power dissipation 100 V AC±10%, -48 V DC + 5 V or - 6 V (-43 V to -54 V DC)/30 W or lower