Optical transmission equipment


Establishes optimum networks suitable for the broadband era with a wide lineup ranging from legacy to de facto standard equipment.

Our optical transmission equipment provides a variety of highly efficient transmission by using optical fiber transmission technologies in accordance with various applications, including transmission for "large- to small-capacity," "long- to short-distance," and a "variety of different signals."


POINT (1) The wavelength division multiplex (WDM) technology is used to achieve highly efficient transmission with few optical fibers.

POINT (2) Our products support transmission depending on the distance of optical fibers ranging from short distances (up to 10 km) to very long distances (up to 100 km).

POINT (3) Optical fibers in transmission lines driven by conventional devices can be used effectively. Our devices can accommodate various types of lines concurrently with such optical fiber lines and transmit data.

Model Name :

This equipment is to perform media conversion from LAN signals (10Base-T/100Base-Tx) through twisted pair cables to LAN signals (100Base-Fx) through optical fibers.
This equipment lineup includes mid- (approx. 20 km) to long-distance (approx. 40 km) type products driving 1-core and 2-core bidirectional lines respectively, allowing users to build a system according to their requirements for optical transmission distances and the number of optical fiber cores.